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“if i’m a person of color, i’m allowed to hate white people!!!!’

“if i’m gay, i’m allowed to hate straight people!!!!”

“if i’m a woman, i’m allowed to hate men!!!”

“if i’m trans*, i’m allowed to hate cis people!!!”



Read my comment again. I don’t like the attitude of hating people because of the way they are born. I also don’t have a victim complex and don’t push massive campaigns that try to force people to feel sorry for me. Please calm your raging tits and get over it.

Go choke on a fist. I don’t give a shit what you hate. You cannot fucking tell someone how they should feel about their oppressors ad mock them saying they have a victim complex. Keep your goddamned raging tits comments to yourself you fucking piece of shit.

So let me get this straight.  What you’re suggesting is that it is ok for someone to say, “well they hated me first, so I’m going to hate them back ~hurhur”.  How about, grow up!  I’m a demisexual, panromantic, mullato  and 90 percent of people don’t even know what that means!  But I don’t get angry at people or obsessed because I’m not a hateful little prick.  You can, in fact, tell somebody who they can and cannot hate, because, in case you didn’t know, hating ANYONE is disgusting, discriminatory, and (surprise, surprise) HATEFUL.  Why would you want to be closed-minded and hateful like that?  Especially towards people who you despise because of their closed-mindedness.  How about, instead of hating an entire community and being discriminatory.  You use your fucking brains to establish who is and is not an oppressive shit, and not associate with them.  What happened to peaceful protest? Community bonding?  All people fucking do anymore is bitch and complain and hate, like arrant fucking children.  Grow up and learn that you are NOT a special snowflake, and you don’t deserve for anybody to treat you any way just because of your race/sexuality/gender.  I believe in equality, and I’ll fight to the end for people who are being oppressed.  But just because you exist in the world as a minority does NOT mean you’re being oppressed.  And even if you are being oppressed, you have an entire community that will fight for you.  Women who are being oppressed have women and MEN that fly to their aid.  Gays/Trans have hundreds of Gay/Trans AND HETEROSEXUAL/CIS PERSONS, backing them every step of the way.    Black communities have legions of blacks AND WHITES who fight for their rights every day.  So go ahead and be hateful and ungrateful and bitter and ignorant.  But don’t try to fucking justify your hate; know that your hateful and discriminatory and live with it.  Or at least come up with a good fucking excuse.

tl;dr - Grow the hell up, you aren’t a special snowflake.  You don’t deserve the right to hate, just because there is a majority against you.

R u fucking serious with this bullshit? Just because you don’t hate people for being assholes to you doesn’t mean that everybody has to suddenly be like you. I’m not “special snowflake” or any of that bullshit because I recognize that it is natural and okay to hate someone who fucking silences and oppresses you.

"Misandry irritates, Misogyny kills". That is a pretty damn good illustration of how this shit works. A POC who hates white people will at most just irritate white people, while racism leads the the deaths of POC. Homophobia leads to the death of gay people, "hetrophobia" leads to some hurt straight feelings at best. Get your head out of your ass and realize that hey! Someone hating someone =/= being oppressed or being as bad as the oppressors. 

stupiduglyfatcunt explained it pretty well, so I’m going to copy and paste her response to this bullshit.

Yeah what they are not getting is that -isms involve power imbalance, not just hateful attitudes. “A cycle of hate” implies that current oppression is somehow the result of mutual antagonism. Like white people arrived in Africa and black people were mean to them so they took them as slaves. Which is so so wrong. Shit flows in one direction only, has been that way forever. I guess these people imagine that once black people have equality they will somehow attempt to oppress whites, which makes no sense, no matter how militant or aggressive oppressed groups are, once the framework of equality exists it is resistant to attempts at reversal.”

Bye now. 

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